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Be it any industry you are working with, a degreaser has great benefits when it comes to cleaning. Degreasers basically belong to a group of chemicals that dissolve water soluble substance such as grease and oils. They can be used on various surfaces such as floors, tools, machines and practically every hard and washable surface. The main component of most strong degreasers is hydrocarbon solvents such as kerosene and xylene.

Different industry uses

In large industries like that of automobiles, marine, airline, railways and agriculture to name but a few, degreasers are of immense importance specially because these industries work majorly with machines that use oil and grease. Be it the engines and body parts of vehicles in the agriculture and automobile fields or that of airline and marine industry, degreasers ease the day to day working of all.

Automotive industry uses

In the automotive industry, one needs a degreaser infused with neutral ph level that does not corrode the delicate surfaces but at the same time does some heavy duty cleaning and emulsifies oil and dirt with ease. The degreaser should not harm the paint or coating of the vehicle and safely remove tar and bug without oxidizing.

Marine industry uses

Marine industry makes use of non inflammable, non toxic and bio degradable degreasers designed especially for them. Such degreasers should comply with the FDA standards for cleaning. These degreasers work great when employed in removing of heavy fuel and carbon stains, algae, waxes and mildew without leaving behind any residue.

Airline industry uses

Degreasers in airline industry should clean all traces of grease and fuel without leaving behind traces of hydrocarbons. They should also eliminate the harmful fuel vapors that might cause mishaps such as fires and explosions. The degreasers should be non-toxic and biodegradable in nature without the presence of any enzymes or microbes.

Agriculture industry uses

The agriculture industry makes use of degreaser in cleaning their heavy machinery for buildup of oils and grease. In diluted form it is also effective in cleaning up oil spills from machineries in the field. Degreasers are also used to unclog drains and pipes and to be flushed with water afterwards.

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