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Degreaser for Railways

Function played by the Railways Industry in the zone of travelling and communication

As we all know Railways are a very important part of travelling and is the paramount means of commuting in all the countries. Majority of the population of world depends on Railways for commuting. Not only the common population but commercial industries all over the world depend on Railways for business and commuting goods to and fro. It’s a very large industry by itself, providing domestic and commercial facilities to people around the world. Railways are very fast and most economical wing of transport and communication Industry.

Importance of degreasers for Railway Industries

As we all know Railways are a very big Industry by itself in any country, so it is very important to pay attention to its maintenance and repair. Building rails is as it a very expensive task so it becomes all the more important to keep it in good condition always. As the metal body and parts of the Rails and Railway tracks wear off due to different conditions like: changes in weather, extensive usage, wear and tear and other factors it is very important to keep them clean, degreased and lubricated for smooth plying. Lives of so many people and commuters are at stake, so one cannot neglect the degreaser importance in Railway Industry. Degreasing not only helps in keeping the rails, Railway tracks and all the parts clean, smooth and in good working condition but it gives longevity to it and reduces future risks.

Why go in for Rx Marine International degreasers?

We are in the business for a decade and half and we can proudly talk about our good quality products meeting up the International standards. Whatever be the individual need, we at Rx Marine International have the specialized products to meet them. Be it Automotive Industry, Marine Industry, Agriculture division, commercial requirements or Railway Industry we have innovative greases and other cleaning agents and products to fulfill the requirements.

We have products for maintaining tracks, rolling stock, trains, carriages, wheels, electrical contacts and switchgears etc, you name it and we have it. We believe in continuous research and development of our products with the help of professional and efficient team.

Leave everything in the safe hands of Rx Marine International

We have vast range of specially developed, high performance oils, specialist greases, biodegradable solvents and eco friendly lubricants for many applications in the Rail Industry. We promise guaranteed satisfaction to all our customers. Our products and packaging are of advanced standards.

Our products are non hazardous and are non corrosive. These are suitable for all surfaces. Since our products are of higher active matters they finish the cleaning job in half the time. Our innovative greases and lubricants meet the need of 21st century rail Industry with satisfaction. Our products improve performances, reduce maintenance and give a boost to overall cost-effectiveness. We make sure to follow the legislature regarding environment safety and so all our products are biodegradable and eco friendly. We at Rx marine International understand the degreaser importance in Railway Industry. Our ready to help customer service team is available 24x7 for you. They not only sell products but help in choosing the right product for the right job. Our motto is not to sell products only but to make a satisfying long term relations with all our customers.

Degreaser Cleaner for Railways

Citrus Detergent Degreaser Conc.

Product Code: RXSOL-10-1713-025
Tech. Bulletin MSDS
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Double Strength Detergent Degreaser Conc.
Product Code: RXSOL-10-1716-025
Tech. Bulletin MSDS
Degreaser Heavy Duty

Product Code: RXSOL-12-1420-025
Tech. Bulletin MSDS